Cuttr is a modern javascript plugin that truncates
multi-line content with ellipsis, fast and simp...


Lightweight & fast

Cuttr.js is a very lightweight plugin with just ~7KB (minified). It truncates page content (e.g. text) within lots of elements quickly.


Zero dependencies

It's a zero dependency, multi-line ellipsis library, that does not require other libraries.


Easy to use

It keeps the use simple, but offers a wide range of options and methods e.g. allowing for custom ellipsis strings or multiple truncation methods.

See it in action

Cuttr.js is designed to not't over complicate the way to cut strings and HMTL with js, but still being able to customize. It includes lots of examples, documentation and support.

More demos & examples

See the Pen Cuttr.js - Base example by Herkulas (@herkulas) on CodePen.



Cuttr is a Javascript / jQuery plugin with which multiple-line texts on a website can be cut.

At the end of the long string to be truncated, defined characters such as an ellipse are added to indicate that there is more content than currently visible. All this happens while the original HMTL Markup remains unchanged after content is unfolded again.


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    Multiple truncation methods

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    Truncate text without breaking the HTML tags

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    Custom ellipsis strings

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    Optional "Read more" anchor

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    Modern codebase

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    jQuery compatible

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    Open source


Our code base is open source, which means more stable code. Thanks to contributions from other users.

The cuttr javascript library is free to use for open source usage (application must be compatible with the GNU GPL license v3). You can purchase a license if you want to use it in a commercial project (including plugins, themes and templates you plan to sell).

Ready to truncate strings the right way?

Explore the cuttr.js docs or buy the license that fits your needs